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Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 12.48.45 AMI finally got myself organized and have posted my Jane’s Walk: Scrap Metal, False Creek, and Taxi Cabs: a walk on Vernon Drive It will be a walk the length of Vernon Drive south of Venables. We’re meeting on the south east corner of Venables and George Street, 7:00 pm. As usual, rain or shine.

1948, NFB and Stan Douglas' New App


Once you get used to the navigation it’s easy to move through the environments and it’s fun poking around parts of the old Hotel Vancouver and Hogan’s Alley. The spirit of both places has been captured well. Objects that glow are tapped to bring up stories, which in a nice touch, are told by etherial ghost-like presences. And with headphones the ambient sounds are quite immersive.

There are nice touches too, like the view out of windows and doors which give you glimpses of the city beyond that are reasonably accurate.

Oakridge in the 60s on a Sunny Day

Digging through the negs I found this image of the mall looking west through the courtyard.

Brave New World

New apartments await buyers at 45th and Tisdall, just behind Oakridge Mall. At the time, without the Strata-Title Act they were sold as ‘self-owned’ apartments. Tisdall is still oiled gravel and the land to the west has yet to be subdivided.

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 11.20.20 AMThis popped into the mail box recently. It’s one of the best/bad phishing emails received recently.



Notice Alert!!!
Attention: Dear E-Mail Account User Last Reminder

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One more from Oakridge in the 1960s

Outside courtyard. Look at the unified signage for the stores.

Oakridge Mall in the 1960s

Acres of parking and for it’s time, good planning too. Apartment blocks on the west side, low-rise apartments on the southern edge and then duplexes and single family houses to form the neighbourhood. Love the signage.

Oakridge Mall in the 60s

Here’s a shot of the original mall and its fountain courtyard. Interesting to see the mall redesign reintroduce the inside/outside idea of older malls.

typoPoking around the back alleys of the city and had to capture the Louvre Hotel wall sign again. As it ages the layers are revealed.


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