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Light, Urban Design’s Best Friend

A simple but effective transformation in the urban environment. Here’s London’s Southwark Bridge under lit by a changing array of LEDs. Other bridges and overpasses throughout the city have been transformed by lighting interventions that can and do change the perception of a space that once screamed dark and dangerous. Sometimes it’s not the quantity… Continue reading Light, Urban Design’s Best Friend


Pool of London at VIFF Tuesday September 3, 7:30pm

I’m quite thrilled to be presenting a CINEMA SALON with one of my favourite London films, The Pool of London. Tuesday September 3, 7:30pm POOL OF LONDON DIRECTOR: Basil Dearden CAST: Bonar Colleano, Earl Cameron, Susan Shaw UK, 1951, 85 minutes Tickets available soon at VIFF.org Once a month, Melanie Friesen invites a distinguished guest to… Continue reading Pool of London at VIFF Tuesday September 3, 7:30pm

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Artbox Project in London

This row of ghostly replica phone boxes was spotted today by Chris Pearson outside St Pancras station. The anaemic quartet appear to be heralds of the BT ArtBox project (online details still sketchy), which will see hundreds of artistically painted phone boxes appear around town. Remember Cow Parade and Elephant Parade? Well, a bit like… Continue reading Artbox Project in London