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Maxine Lane, the newest addition to the West End

In December, City Council will receive a report from the Civic Assets Naming Committee recommending that the lane between Harwood and Burnaby streets be named Maxine Lane to honour Maxine MacGilvray an enterprising Vancouver business women. Maxine’s name was chosen because of her strong connection to the West End with her beauty school and salon… Continue reading Maxine Lane, the newest addition to the West End


Tunnels in the City

In 1942 it seems the Canadian National Railway were looking for ways to use the exhaust steam generated by the heating system, the laundry and kitchen operations. Their solution was to dig a tunnel 400 feet long to the Georgia Medical Dental building and the Devonshire hotel across the street and run heating pipes to… Continue reading Tunnels in the City

Chinatown · History

There are no Tunnels in Chinatown

I get a lot of e-mails asking about underground Vancouver and specifically Chinatown. Tunnel myths are found in almost every Chinatown in North America and their origin would seem to coincide with the rising tide of anti-Asian feeling in the late 19th century. In the popular press three common vices always ascribed to the Chinese… Continue reading There are no Tunnels in Chinatown