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Pop up Airline Restaurant

From Time Out London: “The air host­ess pop-up restau­rant is not a new phe­nom­e­non – we first report­ed on Ms Rub­ber­nurse’s ‘Era Flot’ pop-up in 2010. But Era Flot’s just been seri­ous­ly upstaged by… British Air­ways. That’s right, the nation’s favourite air­line in run­ning a pop-up restau­rant in Shored­itch, based around the flight expe­ri­ence, and look­ing like the inside of an air­craft, called Flight BA2012. At £50 per head, this is most expen­sive in-flight meal we’ve heard of – but then they’ve got a prop­er chef (Simon Hul­stone) prepar­ing a menu over­seen by Hes­ton Blumethal. Why is BA launch­ing this self-parody, you might won­der? It’s to pub­li­cise BA’s sta­tus as the offi­cial Olympic air­line. Hul­stone and Blu­men­thal have cre­at­ed a spe­cial menu that will be avail­able on first-class BA flights dur­ing the Olympic months, and this same menu will be served at the Flight 2012 pop-up. £50 buys you three cours­es of dish­es ‘inspired by BA menus dat­ing back to 1948’, appar­ent­ly. The big catch is that you need to book via Face­book, seats are lim­it­ed, and tick­ets go on sale on Mon­day March 19. Flight BA2012 runs from April 4 to April 17 only.” Guy Dimond

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