Looking at Trees


There are places that we pass by every day and don’t really pay attention to. But if we just take the time to take a closer look we might be surprised. I had the priviledge of taking a delightful Jane’s Walk on Sunday with Joe Thompson in Thorton Park in front of the old Canadian National station on Main Street.

Joe’s walk was about the trees of Thorton Park. I was fascinated to learn that there are two different type of redwoods in the park along with numerous golden oaks, catalpas, princess trees and a couple of copper beeches. Along with these older trees there are all sorts on newer plantings in the park such as a couple of types of dogwoods. It was a casual, nicely paced tour.

Thorton Park was named for the CN railway’s president and was opened in the 1920s and the planting of the park was designed as an arboretum.

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