Something of Interest From Graeme Abernethy…

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 10.32.20 AMThe Promise of Spring: http://thepromiseofspring.com

The Promise of Spring is an immersive online book available now. It is a tribute to Vancouver’s (and Vancouvers) past in the form of a lyric fiction based on a number of the author’s early experiences in the city. Originally composed in response to an extended absence from home, it observes those processes of layering within which we are unavoidably implicated: layers of time, memory, technology, and genre. In addition to providing a narrative of contemporary Vancouver life, The Promise of Spring reproduces more than 90 historical photographs from the City of Vancouver Archives’ digital collection.

The project emerges from the collaboration of author Graeme Abernethy and creative technologist Myke Preuss. Its creators seek to make with it a distinctive and visually enriching contribution to the shared story of Vancouver’s past, present, and future.

Conceived and developed in a spirit of accessibility, The Promise of Spring is made freely and widely available at http://thepromiseofspring.com.

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