Turning on the Taps and…

It’s interesting to see how often Vancouver made the news in the early days and for what.

New Water Works
Vancouver, B. C, March 26th.— At 11:10 last night the water from Capilano river, across Burrard inlet, reached this city through the pipes of the Vancouver Water Works Company across the mouth of the harbor. Many novel engineering difficulties have delayed the enterprise, but Vancouver has now a water supply unsurpassed in quantity and purity by that of any other city on the continent.
The Daily Alta newspaper in California, March 27, 1889

A Fatal Office
Vancouver, B. C. Jan. 16.—Mayor Templeton died this afternoon of an apoplectic stroke. Mr. Templeton is the third one of Vancouver’s mayors to die a sudden death.
The Los Angeles Herald, 1898

Evidently Murdered
Vancouver, B. C., May 8. —The dead body of a man was found this evening in a thick grove of trees at Stanley park by a party of young people. The head had been severed from the body, and the trunk was also dismembered and the legs broken. The police are confident that It was a case of murder. The flesh had been devoured by wild animals, so that only the bones remained of the head and trunk. There was no mark by which the Identity could be established.
Los Angeles Herald, May 9, 1900

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