One thought on “Brave New World

  1. My Mother lived in the building closest in this photo 5976 Tisdall Shamrock Manor for 31 years. The building farthest north, closets to West 41st Ave is 5926 and is a coop. 5976 was left as rental and kept by the Wosks until sold to Hollyburn Properties in about 2003. Then things changed greatly. The Wosks took care of their renters and property well. It was like a family and community of its own. Few long term renters living there now. The twin (when built) to 5976 is the last tower at the corner of West 45th Ave and was appropriately referred to as the “Teachers tower” as that was mainly the investors and owners in that building. It is still condos. The one south of the is coop and very different from the other three towers and the only one without a pool.
    Those towers were quite something when built as they had to divert the underground water from the rivers and streams coming from the south downtrend East (under the lane) of the properties. Oakridge new development had to figure that out the hard way in the last few years. Oakridge gardens and other properties onthe West side of Tisdall from about West 42nd to West 46th Ave are all low buildings and even though some have underground parking, they are on pontoons due to the underground water.

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