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The Alexandra Bridge Needs Your Help

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 10.39.28 AM

From Chief James Hobart, Spuzzum First Nation

Dear Friend in Heritage Tourism:

The Spuzzum First Nation on behalf of the Alexandra Bridge Project Partners invites you to join their petition drive to restore the historic 1926 Alexandra Bridge. MLA Laurie Throness has promised to personally deliver this petition asking Transportation Minister Todd Stone to show leadership in preserving this Canadian transportation icon. We need as many signatures for MLA Laurie Throness to put before the Legislative Assembly by September 15.

The online petition is here. A hard copy is here: Preserve the 1926 Alexandra Bridge Petition

We ask for one signature per copy of the petition (volume counts when presenting a petition to the Legislature).

Hard copies of the petition can be sent to:

New Pathways to Gold Society
c/o 380 Main Street
PO Box 29
Lytton, BC

Attachments via Email can be sent to: savethe1926bridge@shaw.ca

You can also check out the New Pathways to Gold Society website or the Save the Alexandra Bridge websites for more information.

Please join with us in helping to preserve this priceless heritage tourism asset for the benefit of all Canadians. Kukschamc!

Chief James Hobart,
Spuzzum First Nation

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