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Gord Price writing in BIV

“The strate­gic think­ing and design­ing part of plan­ning will be side­lined in the demand for quick results for more hous­ing afford­abil­i­ty, with more empha­sis on jobs being cre­at­ed, costs being low­ered and not so much on the pro­vi­sion of ameni­ties – a trend already begun with the STIR pro­gram.” Some interesting observations on Vancouver’s Planning… Continue reading Gord Price writing in BIV


Research Note

I’m often asked about how the 22 local areas the city uses in its planning came about. Here’s an interesting note fom the memorybc.ca website: “The United Community Services originated the Local Area Council approach to social planning in the City of Vancouver. The following year, the UCS and the City sought funding from the… Continue reading Research Note