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A Little Side Project: Interesting Mountain View

I was quite taken aback at how much of Mountain View’s website was lost with the City of Vancouver’s launch of their new website. So I’ve decided to post the write ups of interesting individuals, fallen firemen and other information on Interesting Mountain View so that it is still available to the public. There are also links to Vanmap and iCemetery [free] for finding those buried at Mountain View.

This will be an evolving project…

3 thoughts on “A Little Side Project: Interesting Mountain View

  1. I’m trying to find my grandparents grave at Mountainview but they were not on icemetery. My mother had always said they were buried there. Would you happen to know the best way to try and find them. Thanks

    1. You can check the burial lists on the City’s old web site here: former.vancouver.ca/cemetery

      Look for genealogy in the left margin and there you will find the alphabetical lists. If the grandparents don’t appear there, then you might want to call the office and have them check the original ledgers just in case. They are at 604-325-2646.

      If they still can’t be located the last option would be the check the Vancouver Crematorium records. It they were cremated, the crematorium has some interment space of its own.

      I hope this helps.

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