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Hotel Mayo, Keefer and Main

keefer and main 1970Here’s a shot of the corner of Main and Keefer showing the Hotel Mayo. The corner building dates from the 1890s and its neighbour is probably of the same era. This Vancouver Archives photo (CVA 447-308) shows both buildings before they were pretty much demolished and rebuilt as one structure using the original bricks which were wrapped around a new steel and laminated wood frame. Only a small portion of a back wall survived the rebuild.

The Hotel Mayo (with “modern furnishings”) was once the National Rooms in the 1940s and before that the Winnipeg Rooms. We will have a longer post on Changing City.

Here’s the rebuild in 1979 (CVA 780-463) and the demolition in progress.
keefer and main 1970smain keefer photo

One thought on “Hotel Mayo, Keefer and Main

  1. Thank you for your history of the Mayo Hotel as I lived there from 1960 to 1973 as my dad was the hotel clerk.

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