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When Museums Don’t Get History…

My colleague Larry Wong drew my attention to this article from the Chinese in the Northwest Research Committee web site. If you don’t know this site it’s a fascinating and detailed ongoing research project.
The Tacoma Art Museum Sells a Chinese Collection Donated in Memory of the 1885 Driving-Out
In 1976, Colonel John and Mary Young, second-generation Chinese American restaurateurs from San Francisco, donated much of their collection of Chinese art to the Tacoma Art Museum.  According to their son Al Young (of Shoreline, WA) in an interview with the Seattle Times“they chose TAM, in part, because of the city’s history of anti-Chinese sentiment.”  In December, 2012, TAM sold a third of the collection at auction and planned to sell the remaining two-thirds in March, 2013.   The December sale netted $230,000.  “Hey, it was a great day for us,”said TAM’s director, Stephanie Stebich.  more>>>

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