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Donating to the Restoration of 439 Powell


Few buildings in this city have suffered the indignities that the Ming Sun Society building at 439 Powell has.

The Friends of 439 are looking for support to continue the night time security watch – the building is a target for vandals – and raise funds for the necessary repairs needed to keep City officials at bay.

You can now contribute to the defence and restoration of 439 Powell by using the Paypal link on the Friends site or by making a contribution at any VanCity branch under the account, “the Friends of 439 Powell”

All contributions will go to the defence and restoration of the Ming Sun building located at 439 Powell. Your help is needed and much appreciated.

The photo shows the Ming Sun building (centre right at the power pole) in 1939 when it was still owned by the Uchida family. The crowds are waiting for the King and Queen to pass by. Photo courtesy of the Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre; Nishihata Family collection,


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