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Two Books to Add to Your Bookcase

IMG_5478 IMG_5479
he Chinese Canadian Historical Society of BC (CCHSBC) has two new books out which you should read. Eating Stories: A Chinese Canadian & Aboriginal Potluck is a new edition of the publication with a new forward by Jean Barman. It’s chock-a-block full of stories and recipes from the Chinese Canadian and Aboriginal perspective. It’s great fun.

The second publication, Blood and Sweat over the Railway Tracks, is a great piece of research and writing by Lily Chow, who has chronicled the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway in BC from the Chinese point of view – something not done before. It’s an important book which should be on everyone’s book case. “This book is a testament to remarkable endeavour, generous spirit, sacrifices and contributions of the Chinese labourers that helped build this nation leaving with us a legacy of pride”

Both books are available from the CCHSBC website

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